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Simulation starts with the definition of the flowsheet which is drawn initially on the monitor using a specialized graphics editor.
The graphic editor has an extensive array of icons representing all the mineral processing unit operations encountered in practice.
The editor also allows for quick modification of the flowsheet structure and replacement of existing units.


Data required to simulate processing plants describe the characteristics of the material treated, the production rates targeted, and the details of the unit operations included in the flowsheet. The processing units are described by their physical characteristics and the parameters of the mathematical models that describe the operation of the physical equipment.

MODSIM™ is based on the population balance method and is therefore capable of accounting accurately for variations in particle size and mineral liberation characteristics together with other critical properties such as density, mineralogical texture, elemental composition, magnetic susceptibility, energy content, etc. Data structures incorporate mineral and coal processing flowsheets.


MODSIM™ simulates integrated flowsheets that can include:

  • crushing (jaw, giratory and cone crushers, high pressure rolls)
  • grinding (AG, SAG, Rod and Ball mills)
  • classification (screens and hydrocyclones)
  • flotation
  • gravity separation (jigs, tables, cones, sluices, dense medium vessels and cyclones, water only cyclones)
  • magnetic separation (dry and wet drum separators and wet high intensity separators)
  • solid liquid separation (thickeners, dewatering screens and filters).



A wide array of models for the unit operations is supplied. In most cases alternative models are available so that the user can investigate the differences between various models of the same unit.
Most of the significant models available from the scientific literature are included. Each model comes with a set of realistic default parameters.
User-specified models for any unit can be incorporated easily. Model selection is fully interactive so models can be changed with a simple mouse click.


Graphical, tabular and text outputs display simulation results quickly and clearly. All output can be copied and pasted on most word processors for convenient and effective report production.
Graphics can be exported as Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS) or Windows Metafile (.WMF).


MODSIM™ is an effective solution for your simulation needs:

  • Is affordable, fully interactive and user-friendly.
  • Represents over 15 years of R&D validated by numerous industrial applications.
  • Is designed for convenient and intuitive operation for ease of learning: basic user proficiency is achieved in less than one hour.
  • Requires no special training in computer modeling or simulation.
  • Allows easy incorporation of new models using the Development Kit supplied.
  • Provides a comprehensive user manual and on-line help. Manuals include complete description of the mathematical modeling methods and gives details of all the models used.
  • Offers several models for most unit operations, including the most recent and significant found in the scientific literature. Each model comes with a set of default parameters.
  • Automatically calculates recycle streams including regrinding.
  • Allows the user to select various system units: S.I., British, per hour, per day, etc.
  • Provides an unlimited number of units and streams per flowsheet.

MODSIM™ offers a unique and powerful ability to simulate mineral liberation:

  • Implements the complete Andrews-Mika liberation modeling in Ball and Rod mills.
  • Directly imports mineral liberation data from SEM or optical microscopes through the MMIA™ and StereoSoft™ image analysis and stereological transformation software.


  • MODSIM™ powerful and versatile capabilities make it the perfect computer simulation tool for quarry operators, coal processors, base metal and industrial mineral producers, consultants and engineering firms in the mineral processing field.
  • MODSIM™ is a very cost effective solution for circuit design and optimization.
  • Mineral liberation simulation allows you to further optimize your separation processes by characterizing how each grade class and, ultimately, liberated minerals will be affected.


Pentium® PC - Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 - 32MB Ram Memory - 50MB disk space.


  • Phone, fax and email support as well as software upgrades are available at no cost for one year. Other support agreements can be arranged.
  • On-site training and workshops are available upon request.
  • On-line training materials available with installation CDROM and through our Web site.
  • Mineral Technologies, Inc. provides consulting for flowsheet design, model development and calibration, model parameters estimation and mineral liberation assessment.




  • Download the demo version of MODSIM™ 3.6.22 (18.5 Mb).
  • Academic and Professional versions are available.
  • Contact MTI to request a quote.


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